UNC Employee Purchase Plan

Payroll Deduction Plan for UNC Employees

UNC Student Stores, in partnership with UNC Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and Payroll Services is proud to offer full-time, permanent UNC employees a Payroll Deduction program for the purchase of computers, tablets and accessories from the RAM Shop. The UNC Employee Computer Purchase (UNC-ECP) Plan offers employees an opportunity to purchase eligible items from the RAM Shop through one initial down-payment and an interest-free payroll deduction loan spread over six months.

*At this time employees on UNC Health Care payroll are not eligible for this program.

Program Terms and Eligibility

The following criteria must be met to qualify for this program:

  • Employee must be a permanent UNC employee with a minimum of six months service.
  • Purchase will require a non-refundable 10% down payment at time of purchase and the loan balance must meet a minimum of $50.00 bi-weekly payroll deduction or $100.00 monthly payroll deduction.
  • The purchase must include a computer or tablet.
  • The purchase total must be at least $667.00 including tax and may not exceed $3,000.00 including tax.
  • Use our handy loan calculator to see if your purchase qualifies.
  • All devices and accessories are subject to NC Sales tax.
  • RETURNS, EXCHANGES, or REFUNDS on this purchase will follow our normal 5-day return policy.
  • Accessories purchased with the ECP Plan may be exchanged after the normal 5-day return period for store credit ONLY.
  • Any current UNC Employee Computer Purchase Plan loan must be paid-in-full before utilizing the UNC-ECP Plan again (that is, an employee may have only one active loan at any given time).
  • Early pay-off of the ECP Plan loan is not permitted.
  • Employees whose employment with the University is suspended or terminated for any reason are required to pay their remaining balance immediately.

Computer Purchase Plan Procedures

  • Come by the RAM Shop with your One Card or call (919) 962-2038 Monday through Friday 8:00am-4pm for confirmation of your employment status, plan authorization and account setup.
  • You will be asked to provide your PID number in order to establish a Computer Payment Plan account.
  • Upon authorization you will have two weeks to use your account to purchase products.
  • After selecting computers, tablets and accessories, a single transaction will be rung up at the RAM Shop register.
  • A 10% non-refundable down payment of the total purchase price including tax will be due at time of purchase and should be made with cash or any Store accepted credit card.
  • The remaining balance for the loan will be entered onto a payroll deduction form indicating the amount that will be deducted from the purchaser's paychecks over the next six months and the total loan amount the purchaser agrees to re-pay over the next six months.
  • The payroll deduction form must be signed by the purchaser and is an agreement to the deduction of equal payments during each pay period for the following six months.
  • Payroll deductions will begin on the pay period following the processed purchase.
  • Payroll deductions will be taken over 12 pay periods for employees on bi-weekly payroll or 6 pay periods for monthly payroll.
  • Early pay-off of the ECP Plan loan is not permitted.

UNC-ECP Payroll Deduction Calculator

Computer or Bundle Cost $
7.5% NC Sales Tax $
Total With Tax $
10% Down Payment
(Due at pick-up. Non-refundable.)
Balance Due $
Number of Payments:
(Select based on frequency of your pay period.)

Payroll Deduction Amount


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